The Need

This company was spun-out of the NHS to commercialise software to better manage radiotherapy and chemotherapy patients and their treatments.   Initial marketing and selling efforts had only been through personal contacts. They requested support to develop a systematic marketing communications plan to gain wider product awareness and interest in the NHS market.

Action plan

We agreed that, using established marketing techniques, we would prepare a framework for a communications plan for them to develop a detailed plan as and when required.

The framework included

  • Identifying the key stakeholders in the buying decision that will be to whom the marketing communications would be directed
  • Assessing which communication channels would be best to reach the target audience.
  • Assessing the product’s strengths and weaknesses against the competition, to decide ‘what to promote’

On completion the company  we were asked to focus on preparing promotional materials for their products. We agreed  with the client the objectives the material would help achieve, converted the features into a series of value propositions for each stakeholder group, prepared final brochure text and  actively promoted the products and gain more sales.


  • The framework was used to select the preferred means of communication.
  • A customer relationship management (CRM) system was populated with potential customers and contacts.
  • A targeted market awareness programme in the first month, brought in three requests for on-site demonstration of the product, two of which were converted to sales shortly after.

The work provided a real insight into the stakeholders and critical factors involved in the buying-decision process in the NHS. Combined with a sound knowledge of marketing principles it made us really think about how we could improve our marketing strategy. The interactive, objective and systematic approach resulted in a detailed framework and plan for a promotion campaign which is proving very simple easy to implement.” Founder and Managing Director.