What our Workshop Does

Our on site, interactive workshop is a health-check of your commercialisation and NHS market entry strategy and plans, making sure you are in the best possible shape to make a good case for the NHS adopting your technology, product or service.

“The structured and interactive workshop constructively challenged our assumptions about accessing the NHS market and identified the critical success factors that we could begin to work on right away. It was of great value to us.”  Commercial Director, Diagnostics Company

What will you get out of it?

You will come out with

  • A critique of your strategy are you targeting the best market segment for early entry and accelerated revenues?
  • A detailed assessment of the information you already have; is it good enough to get the attention of key NHS stakeholders and are there any gaps that need filling to prepare a compelling case for adoption?
  • Next steps and recommendations to move forward

How does it work?

Using a methodology developed by an NHS Innovation organisation and refined through use, we constructively challenge your current level of knowledge, assumptions and plans to identify areas where you may need to do extra work to access the market.

Ahead of the workshop we will ask you about what your technology, product or service is and what you think it can do and at what stage you are at in the innovation/adoption process. We will use this to undertake some research to prepare for the workshop.

In the workshop we will work through a 25 point ‘diagnostic’ examination of the information required and that you have (or not). It takes the best part of a day (with breaks to give you time to attend to business).

We then do selected follow-up research on topics arising from the workshop and prepare a report that includes agreed actions captured on the day and recommended next steps. In all you get three days of support.

We have found that the most value is obtained when the workshop is held at your premises with all of your key people present but we can work remotely, engaging with people in your team as required.

It is most effective when done early in the innovation adoption process but is still useful at any stage.

How much will it cost?

Your total investment is £1,650.00 Travel and any accommodation expenses are agreed separately. VAT is not chargeable.

Want to know more?

We offer a FREE initial  consultation either face to face at a location convenient to you, by phone or Skype.  Want to get in touch. Go to our Contact page for details