Free White Paper- Are You NHS READY?
Free White Paper- Are You NHS READY?

Our NHS READY programme is modular and fully flexible to meet your particular situation. Although we would recommend you go through the whole programme, each module is self-contained with its own stand-alone deliverable, so you can decide which one is best suited to your needs at any particular time.

First step: Diagnostic Workshop

We don’t want to tell you what you already know but we do want to make sure what you know is what you need.

So, before we get into the NHS READY programme we will work through a check-list of essential information to identify what gaps there may be in your understanding and knowledge of the NHS market place and the specific opportunity for your product or service.  Often this determines the specific content of the next steps in the programme.

We use a proprietary diagnostic tool to make sure any gaps are identified delivered through


  • desk top review of information already held by you.

The combination of these techniques is flexible to suit your particular needs.

“The structured and interactive workshop constructively challenged our assumptions about accessing the NHS market and identified the critical success factors that we could begin to work on right away. It was of great value to us.” Commercial Director, Diagnostics SME


An assessment report identifying gaps to be filled and proposals to fill them

Module 1: Market Evaluation

Your decision to enter any new market should be made after a thorough evaluation of the market opportunity and the associated barriers, risks and potential benefits.

So we work with you to fully and systematically evaluate the market opportunity using key criteria we know are important to the NHS. Focussing on your particular clinical area, we apply the ‘SOSTAC’ marketing technique to carry out a ‘micro’ market audit. The detailed content is adjusted to suit your particular needs.


A market report specific to the opportunity for your product in the NHS

“The market analysis informed us how best to access the NHS market and how best to articulate the key benefits of our product to the stakeholders involved in the buying decision for our product. Director of Strategy, Digital Health SME.

“The insight into the stakeholders and critical factors involved in the buying-decision process in the NHS, combined with a sound knowledge of marketing principles made us really think about how we could improve our overall marketing strategy. The interactive, objective and systematic approach resulted in a detailed framework and plan for a promotion campaign which is proving very simple easy to implement.”- Director, Medical Software SME.

 Module 2: Building the Case for Adoption

Central to being ‘NHS-READY’ is a compelling business case for adopting your new product ; an essential precursor to commercial success. A well prepared case has been proven to lower the ‘energy barrier’ in doing business with busy NHS managers and accelerates their decision to make new investments.  In parallel, we address commercialisation (routes to market, procurement, competition and stakeholder analysis) to propose possible market entry strategies and assess their relative strengths and weaknesses.


A draft business case prepared for you to use with future customers that addresses all the key issues  considered by NHS Managers and Clinicians before deciding to ‘buy and try’ and includes developing a financial and health economic model if possible.

A Commercialisation plan based on your preferred entry strategy

The Case for Adoption proved a real asset. It provided essential content that successfully reduced the work required by NHS staff to prepare local business cases and so achieved buy-in and a quicker conversion of leads into sales.” – Director of Strategy, Digital Health SME.

Module 3:  Implementation Management

It is unlikely that an NHS organisation will commit to procure your product if it has not evaluated it beforehand, most probably through a pilot trial. This stage must be carefully planned and closely managed to ensure your product is adopted and embedded into routine use and the promised benefits are realised and captured.

In this the third step, we can support you or undertake to plan, execute and manage the whole implementation step at first adopter sites on your behalf. We can also support identifying and applying for potential funding available to support first adopter pilot evaluations.


A Benefits Realisation Plan prepared for you to use with future customers.

“Keith is able to grasp technical medical solutions and help people to understand their value to patients. It’s as simple as that.”- Chairman of Diagnostic Test Company

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