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Are you selling to the NHS for the first time?

Do you have limited sales and are struggling to grow your business?

Are you struggling to find the right people to talk to in the NHS, or what to say to get the attention of decision-makers and influencers?

Do you know how to present the benefits of your product in the best light?

We help you, every step of the way.

You need to understand how the new NHS marketplace operates, because the commissioning landscape has changed, healthcare priorities and service delivery are constantly evolving.

You need to position your product in the care pathway for maximum impact: where does the patient’s journey start? Is your product or service in fact a Primary Care solution…

You need to have all the critical information to hand that the NHS looks for when deciding whether to buy a new Medical Technology product or service.  You need more than just a good Health Economic Argument!

You need to prepare a business case, in ‘NHS speak’, for you to use as part of your market entry plan – if you present the right information in the right format you lower the barriers to entry.

You need to Get connected to the right NHS people and organisations that will champion your product.  Without this, your innovation will stay in its box.

You need to capture and validate the benefits promised by your product – if you don’t plan your adoption study correctly and engage ALL the stakeholders, your innovation will definitely stay in its box (in a cupboard!)

How do we know these are the right steps?

Well, we have a tried and tested methodology, developed within the NHS, that works.

Armed with this knowledge we help you


Make informed decisions on the best way to enter the NHS or UK healthcare market and develop the right strategy to optimise your business growth.


Achieve first sales more quickly and efficiently and be ‘bid-ready’ for tenders & procurement


Demonstrate clearly how your product or service solves real problems and ensure they get embedded into routine use.

Free White Paper- Are You NHS READY?

Free White Paper– Are You NHS READY?