The Need

Our client was close completing development of a novel diagnostic assay for serious bowel diseases that offered the potential to avoid subjecting patients to unnecessary endoscopic procedures.  Ahead of completion of clinical studies and regulatory approval they requested help to review and develop their access strategy to the NHS.

Action plan

We held a full-day, onsite workshop with the management team that addressed the key requirements to generate a robust access strategy and plan. Strengths and weaknesses of current thinking and threats and opportunities were also identified.


The outcomes of the workshop were;

  • The potential was identified for the test to be used in primary care as well the original intention to use the test in secondary care
  • Key cost and clinical benefits were identified and value propositions for the patient and the healthcare system developed.
  • The evidence base was reviewed and recommendations made to supplement it with further targeted studies
  • A series of tactical and strategic decisions that would better define the optimum access strategy were identified and agreed for further action.
  • Critical success factors around the proposed means to procure and deliver the test were identified and agreed for further action.
  •  A  ‘Case for Adoption’  was drafted for the product.

 “The structured and interactive workshop constructively challenged our assumptions about accessing the NHS market and identified the critical success factors that we could begin to work on right away. It was of great value to us.” Commercial Director.