Successful commercialisation of a new device, relies on knowing your market in fine detail.

Marketing is typically defined as anticipating, understanding and meeting the needs of the customer.

We can carry out an evaluation of the UK market and the opportunity for your medical device or service that addresses important factors such as

  • A  ‘situation-analysis’ of the current care pathway, how it is delivered, how it is performing, activity levels and any opportunities to improve quality of care.
  • Market attractiveness
  • Segmenting the market
  • Building a strong value proposition
  • Stakeholder mapping and analysis
  • Critical Success Factors & challenges to adoption
  • Entry Strategies
  • Routes to Market
  • ‘Macro’ market factors such as current policies, economics, social and technological factors.

A comprehensive and detailed understanding of your market will also support investment proposals and grant funding applications. A well-considered market access strategy will support decisions to invest.

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